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Best Fruit For Sugar Patient-Many people is mistaken that diabetics should avoid consuming fruits. In contrast, the fruit provides essential vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytochemicals that are important food to the health of all people, including people with diabetes. However, diabetics have to be very cautious in consuming fruits.

In particular, people with diabetes need to know the ranking of the fruits of their choosing on the glycemic index. Glycemic Index is a measure of how fast foods containing carbohydrates are converted into blood glucose. A glycemic index rating of under 50 is optimal for diabetics.

Fruit To Lower Diabetes

Various types of fruit can be consumed directly after washed and peeled his skin or made juice. That is, the fruit juice to lower diabetes.

Apples for diabetics

This fruit is very good for Your consumption. Apple also can take control of your diabetes by reducing blood sugar levels (glucose) due to the womb in-desk glycemic low.

In addition, Apples contain soluble fiber pectin which can also control blood sugar and bowel function. Plus have a content of substance which helps improve your health.

Banana Fruit Lowers Blood Sugar

Glycemic content on bananas are also low so it could join the lower your blood sugar. Besides bananas can control blood pressure and on the other hand, can meet the need for carbohydrates.

Mango Lowers Diabetes

With the content of polyphenols, mangoes also can lower your blood sugar. Not only is it. Mango also contains vitamins A, C, B6 and fiber that is very good for diabetics. The content of anti-oxidants can increase the body’s metabolic system so that it can be more healthy.

Kiwi Fruit Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

If you like kiwi fruit, it was the right choice. Kiwi contains inositol can control blood sugar levels, increase the absorption of blood sugar by insulin. In addition, it can also reduce sugar levels in the blood.

On the other hand, fructose and fiber in the kiwifruit are easily absorbed by the body. Thus, consumption of kiwi fruit could blood sugar levels.

Pineapple Help Cure Diabetes

Pineapple fruit is also very good you consume. His fruit because it contains carbohydrates, vitamin C, and calcium that are beneficial to the health of diabetics. Moreover, pineapple contains no cholesterol, fat, and saturated fat. Consuming pineapple thus help cure diabetes.

Starfruit Fruits for diabetics

Fruit star fruit rich in soluble fiber can absorb glucose, stop the dysfunction of glucose, and slows the release of glucose. As a result, the consumption of star fruit can lower your blood sugar levels so that diabetes could be lowered.

Dragon Fruit

You can also consume fruits to lower diabetes. The content of sugar in the fruit is extremely low. In addition, the fruit is able to provide the needed nutrients to diabetics. You don’t need to worry with the taste of sweet fruit. The natural sweetness in fruit, Dragon fruit, including no negative effect on your diabetes.

Melons Are Able To Lower Blood Sugar

Fruit melon includes a very good fruit for consumption of diabetics. Melons contain potassium, copper, vitamin B, and c. Potassium is capable of lowering high blood that can cause insulin resistance.

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