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Best Fruit Facial Kit For Dry Skin-Mask into a series of treatments that are increasingly popular due to the rampant trend sheet mask or masks of the sheet that is easy to use. But nothing can replace the original mask benefits that you made yourself. Mask of the fruit is still a favorite and you can create your own at home. Especially for you the owner of dry skin, a mask from the original fruit is very recommended.

We all know that eating fruit is very good for the skin. In addition, many fruits that could be harnessed into a face mask to get your skin moist and soft. That is because fruits contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) are good for the skin.

Natural Fruit Mask For Dry Facial Skin

Fruits can also prevent dry skin and slow down the signs of aging. That’s why almost the entire skin health experts recommend that you eat at least one fruit per day.

Avocado mask

Mash the avocado in the container and add the milk, stirring to blend. Apply the mask to your face. The content of avocados and milk is good for the skin. Both help nourish skin from within.

You can use this mask at any time according to your needs. Because the material is natural, does not give the harmful side effects to the skin even though it is used every day.

Strawberry mask

Strawberry is a fruit that is widely used as content on an exclusive skin care such as shower gel and body lotion. This is because Strawberry has content that helps Your dry skin exfoliation.

Mash strawberries and mix into a glass of yogurt, then apply it on the face of your day. A mixture of natural ingredients helps you eliminate the dead skin and nourish the skin so that the face becomes moister.


Mash one banana and add two tablespoons of honey. Mix until well blended and then apply it on the face. The banana is a fruit of a high content of potassium and minerals so that it helps Your oily skin become more humid.

While honey is a natural Exfoliating Your skin and work to more gentle on sensitive dry skin. After waiting a few minutes, wipe your face. Do on a regular basis at least once a week and feel the results.


Fruit that has the term Fruit of the Angels, this saves a lot of benefits for the body, and also the skin. So from now on more routine yuk utilizing the fruits of papaya, both used topically or directly. Papaya contains many nutrients, which can moisturize your dry skin. So, must often perform a treatment mask using papaya.

Papaya fruit also has the ability to relieve breakout while preventing acne back come. The content of the enzyme papain in papaya so one of the best ingredients in relieving and preventing breakouts. If you want to do with the way natural papaya ripe fruit make the try that was destroyed. Then use it as a facial mask. Let stand for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with cold water.

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