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How To Do Papaya Fruit Facial At Home — there are many ways that can be done to make the facial skin more healthy, clean and shining. In addition to diligently went to the beauty salon to do facials or peels. The natural way such treatments mask also you can do yourself at home. One of them is the papaya mask. Papaya is beneficial to whiten face skin.

The fruit of the papaya has many benefits for beauty skin face. Papaya Orange has a content of vitamins A and C as well as enzymes that can help exfoliate dead skin cells.

How To Whiten The Face With Papaya

One of the benefits of papaya is to keep the digestive system with the content of the enzyme papain.

Papaya is also often used as the base material for making beauty products such as soaps, creams, and the masks. Here we will discuss how to whiten the face with papaya:

Eat Papaya

How to whiten the face with papaya the first and easiest is to eat papaya directly. Konsumsi papaya regularly to cleanse the skin of impurities causes dull skin.

Rub the inside of the Papaya Skin on face

The second way is also quite an easy way is by rubbing the inside skin of a papaya on the face and then allow it to dry. Then wash the face with water and pat dry. In addition, to brighten the face, this way can also drive out acne from our face. How this can be done per day for maximum results.

Papaya Mask

How to whiten the face with papaya the next by making a masker. Papaya puree by manual or with a blender. Then immediately apply on clean face. Let sit a few moments until the mask dries a bit and then rinse with clean water.

Papaya and lemon juice mask

Mix papaya that has been mashed with one cup of fresh lemon juice into a paste. After that apply to entire face masks while massaged gently and slowly. Then leave it on for 30 minutes to infuse perfectly Maskers to the face, then wash clean.

Papaya and yogurt mask

The content of lactic acid in yogurt can smooth and tightens the skin. While the papaya can whiten and becoming an antioxidant for the skin. Puree ripe papaya by manual or blend and add fresh yogurt to taste. Stir until evenly mixed up papaya and yogurt. Use a mask on a clean face evenly and then let sit for 30 minutes until it dries. Then rinse with clean water. For maximum results, this mask should be used routinely.

Papaya and Oatmeal mask

The combination of papaya with oatmeal really help brighten the skin. First of all, prepare fruit papaya, Peel and wash it clean than a blender until smooth. Mix in a tablespoon papaya juice with a third small cups of oatmeal and a tablespoon of pure honey. Once well mixed, apply on the face and neck and then leave it up to the mask dries. After that, flush with warm water.

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