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How Does Fruit Help Your Body and Healthy -The benefits of the fruit of the much sought after because it is very good for our body. Many of the fruits we find around the US and not been to get it. With a relatively affordable price, it looks like we can consume fruits every day as a dessert or as snacks to Scotch the stomach. By consuming every day, we can get the maximum benefits of fruits. How does fruit help your body?

To keep the body in order to remain healthy and fit, we are obliged to consume the fruit. Because the fruit contains minerals, vitamins, and a very high nutrient needed by the body. In addition, fruits also contain antioxidants that can ward off free radicals in the body. Fiber and water contained in fruits make our stomach becomes full, so it can be used as a diet program simultaneously nourish the body.

Fruit Containing Vitamin C

1. Papaya

One small papaya or about 157 g contains 95.6 mg vitamin c. Fruits which can be processed into fresh drinks and vegetables is also rich in vitamin A, folate, and fiber. The fruit is also good for food companion ASI.

2. Strawberry

A sour fruit fresh and this vitamin C, containing as much as 86.5 mg in a single portion is big or 147 g. In a study suggests, if eating two servings of strawberry in a week can prevent nerve disorders of the brain.

3. Kiwi

Green color and is decorated with small black seeds on the flesh of the fruit. In 100 g kiwi contains 137.2 mg vitamin c. does just that, kiwi fruit also contains antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids.

4. Apples

The benefits of fruits contained in apples are as lowering cholesterol and cleans the dirt – dirt left in the colon. Because the apples there are levels of mineral salts, pectin, acid and oksalik. So for you who want to diet or lose weight, You start consuming apples everyday. Because there are an awful lot of fruit content of vitamin and nutrition as well.

How does fruit help your body

If we talk about the benefits of fruit, of course can not be detached from the vegetables. Because vegetables are a source of fiber, vitamins (vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E) and minerals that are good for our bodies. In addition, vegetables are also low in fat and low in calories. Fruits and vegetables is the synergy that can not be separated. From a study mentions that, antioxidants found in fruit and vegetable will be optimized if they are consumed together. So fruit and vegetable food is compulsory in our daily menu.

For example, orange is indeed known as a fruit rich in vitamin c. it tastes sweet acids contain a lot of vitamin c. but there are several other types of fruit which contains vitamin C higher than orange.

The need for vitamin C are recommended on a grown man about 90 mg per day. On adult women as much as 75 mg per day.

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