The Special Region Of Yogyakarta Points Of Interest Tour For Holiday

The Special Region Of Yogyakarta Points Of Interest Tour-The city of Yogyakarta is tourism. A variety of exciting and unique attractions to be found in this student city, one area of Dingo.

Located in the subdistrict of Bantul district, Yogyakarta special region has inhabited a variety of stunning natural attractions. Starting from the charm forest green to a row of dunes unique you can find here.

Natural Attractions In Yogyakarta

In addition to the known thickness of cultural tradition, this time of Yogyakarta has proved his excellence in the tourism sector. A variety of attractions, from beaches, mountains, to the waterfall has attracted the attention of many domestic tourists abroad.

Unmitigated, diverse natural attractions in Yogyakarta has also been supported by adequate facilities and activities so worth visiting. Want to know what are the places worth to visit you? Yuk, refer to recommendations natural attractions in Yogyakarta popular in 2018 following!

Parang Endog Hill

Parangtritis is one of the most famous tourist icons. However, do you know if it is at the eastern end of Parangtritis beach there is a cornerstone of paragliding who no less cool? His name is Parang Endog Hill. With pay about Rp 300,000, you could fly in tandem with an experienced instructor.

However, you do not have to do paragliding for could come to Parang Endog Hill. Here, you can also enjoy the sunset from a different spot than usual. Came from 15:00 in order to witness the evening perfectly.

Paul Falls Coops

This waterfall is quite interesting because it has six levels which directly flows into the rice field area.

To be able to get to the Waterfall, you have to Corral Paul doing trekking first. However, along the way, you will be presented a variety of views, such as green paced the hills, River, rice fields, up to the mountains. All sense of will soon disappears naturally feel the freshness in the waterfall Kedung enclosure.

The Special Region Of Yogyakarta Points Of Interest Tour

Well, as a reference to holiday in Yogyakarta next following.

Pine Forest Mangunan

Mangunan pine forest is a fitting spot for you hunting photo intragenic. You can you visit Mangunan pine forest create a relax and vent with a friend you. Pine trees and lush green foliage that makes cool hearts ready to pamper you with the nearest day here. Location is quite far from the center of town is the reason not many who know the pine forest Mangunan.

Tembelan Ravine

The region has an awful lot of Dlingo sights make hunting sunset. One of the more hitz is the Tembelan Ravine. From one end of the wooden bridge, you can enjoy the fresh air of the typical Mangunan while looking at the expanse of hills and forest green. The Horizon sinks provide a dramatic effect for you which hobby of photography.

Orchards Mangunan

The hill above the clouds. That’s how the dub Mangunan Orchards, Yogyakarta. Understandably, here, you can see views of the clouds from a height with the naked eye! The more romantic spot, because this one is very instagramable.

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