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Things To Do In Bandung At Night-At wrong indeed if Bandung nicknamed the Paris Van Java. Because every time, always showing his charm. If during the day are already satisfied with the variety of nature tourism in Bandung, do not trigger a return to the Inn. Bandung, Eve became more interesting to visit.

There are several tours in Bandung, the night that could make you fall in love with Hachi, the capital of West Java, it is. Ranging from romantic places, suitable for you who came with the friend up to nice hunting photos.

Night Tour Lembang

Routine work is piling up and the density of routines that usually has to be done sometimes make saturated. Well, in order not to stress yuk relax for a moment the streets at night.

Bukit Bintang

Night tour this one does have a romantic view once you get to see the beauty of the stars and see the lights of the city. In addition, to be able to see the stars here, you can order some food like roasted corn and beverages desperately. If you want to go to Bukit Bintang then should use a thick shirt because of the wind here cold.

Peak Ciumbuleuit

The Summit is indeed being a Ciumbuleuit destination for relaxing from the hustle of the city here you can see the beautiful landscape. While seeing the sights you can sit in the stalls here and in addition you can buy trinkets. A romantic atmosphere at the Summit is indeed very interesting to visit, well wait for what more yuk game invite dear ones.

Things To Do In Bandung At Night Caringin Tilu

Caringin is one night in Bandung tourist attractions that are not to be missed. So, you can see a view of Bandung city from a height. Come before dusk, and enjoy the sunset from caring tilu. When the night before, a great cry started to decorate the lights flicker. City light views bak star-studded is not only unsightly but also be a photogenic spot for immortalized by the camera. Its location is at the bucket Bandung moko, a short distance from the city center.


If you want to search for night tour at Bandung cheap festive, the Dago place. This place became a favorite place of the young Bandung to hang out at night. There are many culinary you can try like toast, dumplings and other. Interestingly the merchant traders selling until midnight.

Gedung Sate

On a trip to Bandung, the complete lack of taste is if you haven’t yet visited the landmark of the flower. The writings of the sate building lit up on the front page, into the spot could not escape from camera snapshots.

Dago Tea House

Night sights in Bandung or so that you can visit is the Dago Tea House. This place is a cultural Park in West Java, suitable for you lovers of art. Dago Tea House has an open stage, Dance Studio, art galleries and more. Night in Bandung, festive entertainment with more artists.

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