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Holidays To Borneo To See Orangutans – While visiting the Cape of the nipple, you can see directly the lives of endangered orangutans. There are three subspecies of orangutans in Borneo has been identified, namely Pongo pygmaeus pygmaeus, Pongo pygmaeus wurmbii, and Pongo pygmaeus morio.

The largest arboreal mammal orangutans are with physical traits long hair tangled and dark red, Brown. Her face is pink, red, and black. The weight of adult males can reach up to 50 90kg and height of 1.25 to 1.5 m. While the females have a weight of 30-50kg and height up to 1 m.

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Orangutans become one attraction of tourists to visit the Tanjung Puting. Therefore, the County Government city of the area made the West k. as a tourism icon. At the same time one of the main sources of income of the region.

Not only the orangutan, there are some interesting sights such as the Orchard Garden. For the life of the community in the Township. There is also the village of Pasir Panjang, the cultural center of the Dayak community. You can see the Custom House Betang, a tree house place rehabilitation of orangutans, and the funeral ceremony of the Kaharingan.

Kawasa old town West Kotawaringin pun made religious tourism because the area is the origin of the Islamic Empire. There are historical evidence and the tomb of the trustees who laid out neatly.

Holidays To Borneo Orangutans

To See If you’re dreaming of a life of the beautiful nan far from noise tire world, then you should try to live an adventure in the Woods. One place to realize this dream is to visit the National Park of Tanjung Puting. Enjoy a natural setting away from the bustle for a few days. We will not hear the roar of a noisy vehicle here. Only question birds with make hearts really feel peace. The diverse sounds of insects and monkeys hanging, adding to the uniqueness of this place.

A place so beautiful, we can find the orangutan. Tanjung Puting National Park privileges areas the capital of the orangutan in the face of this earth. The first orangutan rehabilitation in Indonesia was also carried out in the national parks of Cape nipples. The vast national park is very spacious, reaches 415,040 ha. This spacious size with the island of Bali. Your adventure in a place it will take days on end in the middle of a jungle of Borneo. Really, a very amazing experience to be here.

See the orangutan with my own eyes will be so much fun. There, there is 4 main point to see orangutan, namely Cottage Tanguy, Camp Leakey, Pesalat and Cape of good hope. There, we could see the feeding of the orangutan. The first station at this point of the orangutan is the Cape of good hope. Station two is palate. At the Cape of good hope, you can find the Guest House for visitors and a superb trekking trails.

Cottage Tanguy is a special place to do rehabilitate orangutan. Rehabilitation needs to be done for orangutan ever captured by humans.

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