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The Best Area To Stay In Lombok-Bali, Lombok is still rarely considered a traveler, both from within and outside the country. Whereas, Lombok keep lots of natural resources that will make the traveler Spellbound, ranging from the mountains, the beaches, the hills, to the waterfall. Everything is still natural and beautiful. Not to mention the cultural tourism which is also still pretty awake.

With an area of 5,435 km2, Lombok is divided into several areas, that Lombok Utara, central Lombok, West Lombok, Lombok Timur, and Lombok. West Lombok as the administrative center of the region is the most developed. South Lombok is the “Heaven” of the gorgeous beaches ideal for surfing. North Lombok is the “home” of Mount Rinjani and some of the best waterfalls on Lombok. While the most distant Lombok, East of the city center still belongs to the less developed and rarely visited by the traveler.

West Lombok Tourist Attractions

West Lombok Regency is the second largest island of Lombok after East Lombok Regency. Diverse tourist destinations are here, from the Highlands to the lowlands from the coasts. One of them is Senggigi Beach, of course, this beach is not very familiar to tourists. Senggigi Beach seems to have become icons of the West Lombok’s tourism. In addition, West Lombok also has many interesting attractions that are very dear to you.

Senggigi Beach

Of course, it’s been very popular for both local and turns domestic. A variety of complementary means tour is already available. Senggigi Beach almost never quiet. Even when the night any activity in this area will be more crowded.

Sesaot Protected Forest

Protected forest is located in the village of Sesaot West Lombok. Though the forest, tourism offers a coolness and calmness of the mountain. In addition, there are also many cross-legged make this location very the favorite to be a family picnic area.

The Hill Of Malimbu

The Hill of Malimbu nearby High Plains is one path with the Senggigi beach. On the Hill, you can enjoy natural scenery, including the beauty of the sunset, is the very indulgent eye. Therefore, this white-sand Hill is suitable when arriving in the afternoon.

The Hill Merese The Best Area To Stay In Lombok

Merese hill located adjacent to Kuta Beach, Tanjung Aan, and Stone Beach Umbrella in the South of Lombok. You can get a view of the three places from the top of this Hill, beautiful. In addition, in the months of December to February every year, the verdant hills of Merese and offer views that will leave you in awe.

The Beach Of Tanjung Aan

In addition to the beautiful landscape, the uniqueness of the beach of Tanjung Aan is sand that has 2 different textures. On the left side, the sand is white and smooth as powder, while on the right side of the sand-colored more tanned and more rugged. Here any time there is a wooden swing in the middle of the beach, which can be used to photograph the ala in Instagram.

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