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What To Do In Kukup-Gunungkidul Kukup beach can be reached from the city of Yogyakarta with driving a vehicle for 5 hours. Kukup beach is one of popular beaches among the rows of this relic. Beach has white sand expanse that adds to the beauty of this beach. Kukup beach is a shallow sea area of first fairly quiet is about 100 m from the beach.

In shallow area at the edge of contains coral reefs, sea stars and an assortment of unique marine ornamental fish. In addition, there is also a wide variety of other marine life you can clearly see from above.

The Beauty Of The Kukup Beach

To the East from Kukup Beach, there is a coral island which was named after the island of Jumino. Between in Beach and in island is connected by a bridge that can be bypassed by travelers who will see island closely.

On the island of the Jumino there is a viewing that is purposely built for tourists who want to enjoy views of the sea. In the cliffs West, there are many caves – the coral caves often used play by the tourists and shelter. Some of caves with sea water in it also there is another sea life.

What To Do In Kukup Beach

Kukup beach is often referred to as Tanah Lot version of Yogyakarta. This is due to the existence of a coral island on the East coast of the Island was given the name Jumino, which are similar to the morphology of the beach at Tanah Lot. You can reach the island via a bridge which connects the Island.

Prior to the bridge, there is a road that crosses the fringes of the cliff that you should skip the first. Highways, bridges and coral island is certainly becoming a wonderful view of its own. On this island, there is a viewing that is purposely built for you who want to enjoy beautiful views of the sea from a height.

Viewing on the island of Jumino can also be a great spot to enjoy the sunset. It is located slightly to the South make the Sun which sinks is not obstructed by Hill to the West. Beautiful sunset is dotted with hills and Lighthouse Beach Baron who hide behind the Hill certainly makes very evident in perfect view of the sunset.

Tourist facilities at Kukup Beach

Kukup beach is a beach which is used as a pilot project for development and structuring of the tourist beaches in Gunungkidul Regency. Beach is a neighboring Baron beach is managed independently by people around the coast. Management is done quite well already, as evidenced by the existence of the facilities. Quite adequate despite having a simple infrastructure, such as toilets, Mosque, and food stalls.

In addition to natural conditions encountered here, you can also see the tradition of Offering each month of Sura. Labuhan is alms or marine tradition form of gratitude for all the good fortune that has been given by the Almighty.

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