3 Skin Whitening Fruits List For Your Face

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Skin Whitening Fruits List – White became every woman’s dream, not surprised if some women are willing to do the injection of vitamin C regularly. Not only did white, some treatments that cost not cheap any selected as an attempt to realize the dream of having white skin. But actually, you can still have a white skin without having to spend hundreds of millions or up to do treatments in the beauty salon. Some of the fruit that might have you eat also can help whiten the skin. Because the material is natural of course this fruit is safe for the skin.

3 Skin Whitening Fruits List For Your Face

3 Skin Whitening Fruits List


Papaya is also a rich source of antioxidants and contains an enzyme called papain. And can remove dirt and dead skin cells lifted when used on the skin. Rub your face gently with the inside of the fruit of the papaya for about a minute before cleaned, this will cleanse and soften the skin. Can also add with 2 tablespoons honey or yogurt, and use this mixture as a face mask. Rinse with warm water after 20 minutes, then fill with moisturizers to see the difference. Papaya is the best skin whitening fruits list.


This type of fresh fruit store various important elements to whiten brighten skin at once. Tomatoes contain Likopen, vitamins, and minerals which Act address the skin dull, protect the skin against free radicals and UV rays. So the brightness of the skin will be tailored to the level of health of the skin itself. as a result, avoid the emergence of skin damage.

Processing of tomato as a natural skin Whitener cream as follows:

  • ┬áPrepare 1 piece of tomato Puree b. and pour it into the Bowl
  • Give a few drops of lemon water
  • ┬ástir until evenly

How to use it: use a dough above to apply to the skin of the body once a day for a period of 15 days. Wipe on the points that dark skin, let sit for 30 minutes, then rinse with clean water.


Lemon fruit is high in Vitamin C and has natural skin bleach, so make it a good cleaner that can disguise stains, acne scars, freckles and skin color. Start your day with a drink 1 glass of warm water mixed with a little lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of honey when the stomach is empty. This will prevent cellulite and cleanse your skin from within. Or Mix lemon water with honey and then apply it evenly throughout the body. Let stand for 30 minutes, then rinse with plain water. Routine use of these potions each day before the bath can make you brighter skin with avocado

Rich in vitamins and minerals, the avocado fruit turns out to be not only good for health but also helps you have a pure white skin. Avocado fruit already you can puree white as wraps, let stand for 30 minutes, then rinse with water.

Thus the skin whitening fruits list that can be delivered. Hopefully can provide benefits for all of you who read it.

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