3 Beauty Tips For Womens in Hindi

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Everyone would have been like to have a beautiful body, especially for the ladies. Well, that’s part of the skin, hair, eyes and much more. To get the exact things it takes an effort so that you can be beautiful. Women India had its own secret beauty care for the body. They use the traditional herb of India to maintain the health and beauty of the skin. Indian women have become accustomed to performing beauty treatments to bolster their appearance.

Beauty Tips For Womens in Hindi

From the start the hair, face, and skin Indian woman always pay special attention to take care of him. Since time immemorial Indian women use natural materials to perform the treatment, women in India believe doing treatment with natural ingredients, in addition, to beautify, also safe from other negative effects. This is beauty tips for womens in Hindi.

Beauty Tips For Womens in Hindi

The Secret Face & Charming Smooth Skin

Rose water and Saffron is one of the female skin India beauty secrets. Rose water cooler in addition to refreshing the skin, as well as to cleanse, soften and brighten the skin tone. Turmeric is used as a mask to reduce dark spots and disguise the scars. A prospective bride India always greasing her skin with turmeric before the wedding day to make their skin and face more shine.

In addition, India Women also often use lemon, besan, and basil. Lemon rubbed on the face were able to eliminate blackheads and dead skin cells. Besan or chickpea flour can be used as a scrub or shower cream to soften the skin. Basil, who is in India known as tulsi, in addition to the fragrance also is rich in antioxidants, which can repair damaged skin, ward off free radicals and prevent premature aging.

The Secret Of Long Black Hair Shiny

India woman rubbing coconut oil on their hair and scalp. As a result, the hair becomes moist, thick and glossy black. Oiling hair regularly after a bath is the right way. After that soak up in the Sun for about an hour, to get maximum results.

Beauty tips for womens in Hindi, in addition to coconut oil, there is also oil or mustard oil, mustard seed that can strengthen the hair. India woman also likes to use henna, which not only hair coloring but also add texture and hair volume and eliminate dandruff. Lime flowers are also commonly used to scent and decorate the hair. And to prevent the occurrence of white hair, Lady India usually use oil or powdered amla fruit, a type of berries that grows in India.

The Secret Of Beautiful Eyes Shone

Women India using almond oil to remove the eye ring and prevent eye infections. Some are using rose water to prevent eye circles or eye of the panda. Kajal, that blend of almond oil, cider and spices flowers burned, worn by women of India as eyeliner eyebrow dye at the same time. Eyeballs are round and great indeed is one of the characteristic beauty of women in India. With curved eyelashes, eyes beautiful stylish female allure into India. To this end, they make a good care to maintain the beauty of the eyes.

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