Open Trip Pulau Macan Kepulauan Seribu Jakarta With Fun Activities

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Pulau Macan is a part of the Kepulauan Seribu. Open trip Pulau Macan brings the concept of being the eco-resort that apply the concept of the eco-village. That was then called the Tiger Islands Village and Eco Resort. Here, electricity by Japan-made solar cell, wind turbine. As well as energy storage and distribution system that works with corporations. A Sundaya has moved over the last twenty years in the field of energy.

open trip pulau macan

In addition, the waste island is also well managed, partly made into fertilizer for gardens small island, partially recycled, and the rest were destroyed. That cannot be missed, buildings and processed products that are here too-plan nature-friendly. Open trip Pulau Macan can make you friends with nature. Therefore, you should not miss the natural attractions of this one.

Pulau Macan Review

One of the reasons people travel to the Pulau Macan is for leisure and relaxation. It is natural because the island can be reached within 90 minutes from the port of Marina of Jakarta is one of the exclusive private islands. Because it is a resort that limits the number of visitors. For the size of the island that is not up to one hectare, the number of visitors per day is limited to less than forty people.

Open trip Pulau Macan offers some of the cottages that blend with the sea. This, of course, is very unique and interesting to visit. You can do a variety of activities while on the Isle of the interjection of Pulau Macan, one being snorkeling. The underwater scenery of the island very clear and beautiful. The excitement of snorkeling in the Pulau Macan is you don’t need to bring your mask, snorkel, fins, booties, until life jacket from home. This is because all the equipment is already provided for free here.

In addition, you can also do the trekking. On the uninhabited open trip Pulau Macan, you can do a variety of activities here, like for example trekking around the island. Don’t worry about getting lost, because the island does not have any branch road. It could also enjoy the sunset and sunrise eyes. Once satisfied a day around the island, you can taste a variety of food menu that delicious tastes.

Pulau Macan Facilities

Resort in the open trip Pulau Macan provides a variety of accommodation types. The most affordable are Island Tent. Although called a tent but this one is comfortable tents with mattresses, clean sheets, pillows, as well as candles to repel mosquitoes. This tent can be fit for three people. In addition, there is a tent cabin lodging as Eco Cabin or Tropical Forest & Bamboo Cabin.

In addition to the lodge’s cabins for the overnight stay, the open trip Pulau Macan has a variety of facilities such as the Club House. Here you can enjoy a meal served buffet, relax, watch a DVD or read. There is also a Bamboo Bar & Sundeck, the favorite place for chatting and basking in the sun. There is also a gift shop and a snack that provides gear snorkeling.

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