How To Relieve A Bad Headache With The Natural Ways

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How To Relieve A Bad Headache With The Natural Ways – Headaches or dizziness are certainly never experienced by almost everyone. Many things can trigger a headache like a late meal, lack of sleep, stress or weight. A headache for some people is seen as a disease that is not serious. Although not a serious problem, headaches do not taken lightly. Headaches can make activities is hampered because it is difficult to concentrate and work.

How To Relieve A Bad Headache With The Natural Ways

Many who prefer taking the drug as a way to eliminate the headache pain head quickly. Consume drugs continuously certainly give effect to health due to the chemicals that go into the body. Aspirin, one remedy for headache relief that keeps You drinking a lot and often can even damage your kidneys.

A Simple Way To Treat Headaches

No need to rush it eliminates the headaches of using drugs. How to relieve a bad headache naturally, without drugs, and traditional. So you don’t have to spend money to buy drugs.

1. drink Water before eating

70 percent of our body consists of the liquid. This is why we need a lot of drinking water each day. Research from The Harvard Health Letter says that the blood pressure will decrease as we were eating, this was the cause of why we feel dizzy. This condition is called postprandial where can we overcome with drinking a glass of water 15 minutes before eating.

2. Drinking ginger tea

Ginger has many benefits are staggering. The study conducted by Brigham Young University and Mount Union College, Ohio, indicates that ginger powder is better than Dramamine (tablet to treat nausea due to vertigo or other conditions) in treating nausea and dizziness due to seasickness.

To treat headaches that hit, try mixing half teaspoon ground ginger into a cup of tea or hot water. The effect will be felt in 30 minutes and last up to four hours.

3. Consume foods rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C also helps to treat headaches. In addition, these vitamins can easily we get from a variety of materials that are in the House. In a study published in The Journal Acta Oto-Laryngologica, researchers found that patients experienced vertigo and headaches fade either when they consume foods rich in vitamin C.

4. How To Relieve A Bad Headache With Massaging the body

In fact, you can do acupressure therapy (alternative medicine by giving soft massage on the hands and feet). But, you can do this yourself at home to get relaxation and treating headaches. According to the Mayo Clinic, anxiety can trigger headaches, so it can give a sense of calm relaxation and relieve a headache. You can massage your body with lavender oil which has a fresh scent for relaxation.

How to eliminate a headache is not always with the drug. If your head pain caused by stress, or tense, how to relieve a bad headache as simple as meditating for a moment to cool the head with ice can relieve your head pain. But when the headaches continued, immediately consult a doctor. Hopefully, the way we share this could provide positive benefits for you.

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